Document Management Software

Stacks of paper, disconnected systems, poorly documented workflows, lack of mobile access… real problems in today’s office environment that cost you money. But the time to work smarter is now.
With DocStar electronic document management software, your teams can make better, faster and smarter decisions. Not only can you store your paper documents electronically, any native file type—.wav, .pdf, .jpg, .html and more—can be stored safely and securely in the system. DocStar solutions integrate smoothly with existing software applications, making it easy to capture, store, and retrieve your documents and content, anytime, on any device. For even greater flexibility, DocStar solutions can be installed on your own servers or in the cloud. The same great software, the same great user experience, the same great results.


  • Import any file
  • Intelligent Data Capture
  • Automated workflow
  • Version control
  • Document retention

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