Workflow Automation

The true measure of a business process automation solution like DocStar ECM is how much less work it requires of you—it needs to be consistent yet flexible. It needs to automate routine tasks while making required interaction with the system user-friendly and efficient.

In short, the solution needs to be powerful yet elegant. Your daily business activities will be more organized, more precise and faster with DocStar ECM Workflow. DocStar Workflow enhances existing document-driven business processes, improving productivity and business process insight. Benefits emerge quickly as documents and other business content are directed automatically to the right place at the right time with email notifications—simplifying collaboration and improving efficiency throughout your organization.


  • Built in graphical workflow design tools for easy configuration and updates
  • Over 45 distinct workflow functions for countless workflow combinations
  • Integrated security and audit trails for peace of mind
  • Automated system and email notifications to send reminders on your behalf
  • One-click document review and approval to reduce processing time

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